How to be Smarter Than A Burglar

How to be Smarter Than A Burglar

To protect your business against a potential burglar, The first step is to think  like one.  Thereafter take counter measured

Here are nine things a potential burglar hopes you won’t do:

Conceal the wiring outside of your business facilities

Burglars will often cut wires on the outside of your building in an attempt to disable your security and telephone communications. Make their task difficult by concealing all of your external wiring (electrical, security, telephone, cable, etc.), using cable conduits or other means. Talk to your business security integrator at the time of installation to discuss your options for concealment of external security-related wiring. Also consider cellular and other communication options for your monitored security systems.

Double-check basic business security protocols

Make sure that authorized employees know how to use your business security systems and are aware of proper protocol for arming and disarming the system. Review your protocols for leaving and entering your facilities, and policies and procedures for identifying false alarms. Failure to arm or properly use your security systems can leave your business vulnerable.

Keep cash and valuables in a secure location

If your business keeps cash on hand overnight, or has high-value inventory of any kind, make sure these assets are stored in a secure location within your facility. Small items can be stored in a commercial-grade safe that is bolted in place. For storage of high-value inventory items, consider additional access control partitions with locked doors to provide additional protection.

Protect your premises with a monitored security system

Installing a security system is one of the best things you can do to protect your business. Making sure it is monitored 24 hours per day is essential in achieving the highest level of protection. In the absence of a monitored system (with protocols for the dispatch of law enforcement personnel), Installing a security system is one of the best things you can do to protect your business. criminals will have more time to work following a break-in. A monitored system increases your chances to interrupt and apprehend the perpetrators.

Be smart with video surveillance

Video can be one of your most potent deterrents to crime. Make sure your video surveillance system is adequately covering your facility. Pay particular attention to entrances and exits, as well as other sensitive areas of your operations. Be sure the right cameras are in place to provide proper coverage, with high enough resolution to identify details like faces and license plate numbers. Remember, a small investment in optimizing your video surveillance system will easily pay for itself if it helps deter one crime against your business.

Shred sensitive business information

Don’t make it easy for criminals to take advantage of account numbers, customer information, employee files, sales data, vendor documentation or other information about your business. By following a strict policy regarding document shredding and processing, you can reduce your overall vulnerability.

Maintain a closed-door policy

Open warehouse doors left unattended can be an invitation to opportunistic criminals. Open doors can also allow would-be burglars to identify potential targets inside your facility, and analyze the layout of your facility. Put protocols in place to maintain a closed-door policy for unattended areas, especially in high traffic locations.Talk to a business security consultantPeople who specialize in business security can offer valuable insights into your business, helping you better identify potential internal and external threats that you may not recognize. Invest the time to discuss your security picture with a consultant who specializes in business security. These experts will have detailed information on local crime trends, and an eye to discovering vulnerabilities that you might not have considered.

Check and lock all doors and windows

Burglars are opportunistic, and the discovery of an unlocked door or window at your business can be all it takes to set their criminal activities in motion. Make sure all of the doors and windows at your facility are securely locked and protected by intrusion detection sensors.

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