What are the Benefits of CCTV Security Systems?

What are the Benefits of CCTV Security Systems?

It is said that the first CCTV security system was used in Germany in 1942 for the monitoring of V-2 rockets. In Nigeria CCTV is gaining gradually gaining ground.Whether you are a business or homeowner, here’s why you should have a CCTV system at your place.

1. Deterring Criminal Activities:

CCTV security systems are a great deterrent to potential burglars and other criminals. They may drop their idea to get into your premises seeing the cameras.

This way, this device helps prevent intrusion beforehand so that you don’t have to deal with it later. Several studies have confirmed the role of CCTV in crime prevention. The sight of CCTV camera unleashes the vibes of danger and the presence of “law”, prompting the potential burglars to move elsewhere.

2. Monitoring the Activities:

The basic role of CCTV cameras is to monitor the activities going in and around your property. It lets you see who is doing what and what happens when you are not around. Strategic positioning of cameras offers 24/7 live video monitoring, thereby providing a proactive approach to minimize the risk of theft and unwanted incidents. As an added bonus, they let you monitor your premises from your smartphone anywhere, anytime.

What are the Benefits of CCTV Security Systems?

3. Capturing and Securing Footage:

Older footage is often required to find out what happened in the past. From a burglary attempt to hardcore crimes, the footage which CCTV cameras capture and store make a difference in the investigation. Besides, it can be presented as solid evidence.

What are the Benefits of CCTV Security Systems?

4. Helping Avoid Complicated Lawsuits:

You never know when someone at your workplace fakes some type of workplace incident in order to obtain the claim. How to tell if all of your employees are working productively?

Having a CCTV camera will help you stay on the top. Employees will think twice before playing “foul game” knowing that they are under the surveillance. Similarly, you can reclaim your stolen assets by producing the CCTV footage.

5. But CCTV Can’t Eliminate the Need of a Professional Security Guard

CCTV is an effective surveillance option to detect and capture criminal activity on your property, although it should be considered as part of your overall security system. It is not an entire security system on its own.

A criminal may enter the property from the point of not being equipped with CCTV. Here comes a need of security guards. They have many benefits for businesses as well as residential areas.

They not only deter crimes but also know how to prevent them from breaking into your property. While a CCTV camera can detect fire, you need a security guard to get rescue from fire breakout.

The point is here that effective security is comprised of both a CCTV camera and guard.

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